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This is how it begins: at 07/04/2018 at 8:28 PM, I made a request to people I know on Facebook.

“What are some of your favorite albums you think it is likely I won’t have listened to before? I am considering starting a blog (or podcast perhaps?) where I listen to albums which I have never heard before and then I will be reviewing them. Doesn’t matter how old they are, there are tons of ‘classic’ albums I know I’ve never heard. All I ask is that the entire album be on YouTube if possible so I can hear it in full, preferably in the order it was first released. I will try just about any genre or style of music, even country (….if I really have to). I am doing this for two reasons; firstly I -know- there are thousands of albums out there I’ve overlooked or missed. I am quite a head-in-the-sand music lover, I know what I like and don’t tend to step outside of my comfort zone too often. Secondly, I think it would be interesting to dig up some interesting music I can then share with other people; after all music is a shared experience. Please post any recommendations you have to the comments below so I can build up a list to work through before I start the blog itself.”

This is the blog I was considering starting. I started it. That was the easy part. Now to wait for some of the recommendations to come in and kick this little project off!